Indian Economy Notes

Indian Economy is the most important subject for prelims and mains exam of UPSC. It plays a huge role in interviews also. In the other exams like MPPSC, SSC CGL, Railway, and Banking, this subject also asked in the examination. This is the only subject in which current affairs attached very much. Facts are changing day by day.  We are providing the best Indian Economy Notes in simple language. 

Economy and Economics both are different terms. The economy is treating the world as a marketplace and deals with the flow of money, while economics is the study of the world as a market. It also includes all the factors which influence the flow of money.

In the syllabus of Competitive exam, the subject is Indian Economy so don’t waste time to read lengthy books.

The Important Indian Economy Notes for UPSC, MPPSC, SSC, and Banking is followings

Topics Subtopics
Introduction of Economy
National Income The measure of National Income
Methods of Measuring Nation Income
National Income in India
Human Development Dimensions, Indicators and Goal Posts to Calculating HDI 
Calculation & Indices 
Poverty & Unemployment Poverty
Poverty in India
Employment & Unemployment 
Types of Unemployment
Public Finance  General Budget
Types of Deficit 
Types of Budget
Taxation in India
Indian Financial System Money Market
Capita Market
Inflation & Deflation
External Trades
International Organisations