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G-20 & Summits

G-20 is an International forum in which 19 Countries (World’s Largest Economies) and European Nation. It’s a forum for Economical, Financial and Political Cooperation.     

Historical Background: 

  • It was founded in 1999, after the Asian financial crises of 1997.   
  • It is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies.  
  • Its first meeting was held in  Berlin, Germany 
  • Earlier it was just a forum of Governors and finance ministers. After the 2008 financial crises, this became a forum of Presidents and Prime Ministers or Country Head. 

Member Countries (19 Countries and EU) 

  • Argentina, 
  • Australia, 
  • Brazil, 
  • Canada, 
  • China, 
  • France, 
  • Germany, 
  • India, 
  • Indonesia, 
  • Italy, 
  • Japan, 
  • South Korea, 
  • Mexico, 
  • Russia, 
  • Saudi Arabia, 
  • South Africa, 
  • Turkey, 
  • The United Kingdom and 
  • United States 


  • This forum comprises of 2/3 population of the world. 
  • It’s account for 85% of the Global Gross Products,  
  • 75% of international trade 
  • 80% of global investments in research and development. 

G-20 Summit 2019 

  • Held Osaka in Japan on June 28 and 29. 
  • Themes:-
    1.  Global Economy  
    2. Trade and Investment 
    3. Innovation 
    4. Environment and Energy 
    5. Employment 
    6. Women’s Empowerment 
    7. Development 
    8. Health 


  • India will be hosting the summit in 2022.

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