Art & Culture

Art & Culture Notes for UPSC, MPPSC, SSC, Railways Etc.

Art & Culture Art and culture played an important role in the success of any competitive exam especially State PSC and UPSC. The exam has 3 phases we know that this portion is important because the use of Art and culture you will find in Prelims, Mains and Interview also so it’s very essential how to prepare and from where to prepare. Already there are various books and notes available in the market that is useful or not we can’t predict that but the basic books or note like NIOS or NCERT are very useful and essential for preparation. PSCExpert brought notes based on NIOS and NCERT for Mains and Prelims purpose you read this and make the base and win the competition. The
Art & Culture notes for UPSC
Topics is followings-
  • Ancient Art & Culture
    • Introduction of Culture
    • Architecture & Culture of India
    • Indus Valley Civilization Culture (2500 – 1700 BC)
    • Art and Culture
      • Mauryan
      • Post Mauryan
      • Gupta Age
    • Cave Architecture in India (Rock Cut caves)
    • Temples Styles
      • North India (Nagara Style)
      •  South India (Dravida Style)
  • Medieval Art & Culture
    • Indo Islamic Architecture in Medieval India
    • Imperial Style during the Islamic Era in India
    • Provincial Style During Islamic Era in India
    • Mughal Architecture
    • Deccan Style Architecture influenced by Islamic
    • Medieval Architecture Styles (Other than Indo-Islamic)
    • Colonial Architecture – Modern India
  • Paintings
  • Dances
    • Classical
    • Folk Dances
  • Theatre in India
  • Six schools of Indian philosophy
  • Religions in India
  • Social Structure, Monuments, and Festivals. 
    • Indian Social Structure in Ancient India
    • Indian Festivals, India’s Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO List, Handicrafts
    • Cultural Heritage Sites of UNESCO In India
    • Famous Monuments,
      • Forts
      • Temples
      • Gardens